Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Introducing my little prince

Hello all,

I'm happy to announce that I am now a mommy to a little boy named Omar which in Arabic means the first born.I gave birth to him a month ago and haven't sat still since. I was under the impression that labour was the hard bit till I experienced the first few weeks of sleepless nights, sore boobies and the endless changing of nappies which left me with No time for anything else. My dad has nicknamed me 'Miss No Time 'for truly I live up to it these days :) I'm blessed to have my mum, dad and both grandmas fly in to help me in this adjusting period.

Labour now seems like a walk in the park which I assure you wasn't.I had to be induced because my waters broke before I dilated which had me in the labour theatre for 24 hours (on official papers they said 10, I don't know how they calculate labour but I know right then it seemed like forever). Ofcourse when bubby arrived , the pain of that excruciating long labour was lifted as they placed him in my arms, don't all mummies say the same thing. The feeling is surreal!

This new mummy wishes she had more time to blog and dilly dally on the internet but I now understand the meaning of 'precious time" :)Hope to get back into a routine soon enough to visit some of my favourite blogs. Thank you to you girls who remembered me and sent me emails. I apologize for not replying to them but I hope these pictures of my little prince will make up for it. Do Enjoy.

Till next time,
Much Mommy Love,


LiLi M. said...

He is adorable Adla!! Congratulations with your beautiful son!

All that you write is so familiar to me. When my first was born I simply didn't understand how some people managed to raise two children or more! And I wondered (and still do hehehe) what was I doing when we didn't have kids, apart from work?
Try to enjoy him though, because it all goes quickly. I remember well that I considered the first 3 months to be the toughest. After that every one was getting used to each other and my baby could play and that made her much much more happy.
Just try to relax and don't over work yourself. Blogging will come in due time. I won't go anywhere, but will patiently wait till you have time again to write about your beautiful prince. Hugs LiLi

Natasha Burns said...

Congratulations Adla and hubby! Omar is so adorable! I forgot how they have these cute skinny legs when they are born! Leroy has that exact same green play mat thing (can't remember what they are called? the green one that has toys that dangle down, and is shaped like he is inside a flower). Oh, lol, one thing you might notice is, "placenta brain" doesn't go away in a hurry... Leroy's nearly 5 and I still have it!!!
Yes, the first few months (at least, if not more) will be a blur but honestly it does get easier and lots more fun. It's great that family can and do help you.
Don't stress about blogging, you have a beautiful little boy to dote on! Congratulations!

Vintage Tea said...


Victoria xx

Sweetina said...

Oh Alda~he is perfect! What wonderful news~ a healthy,beautiful baby boy! Congratulations to you and you husband and all the Grandparents!
Omar is a lovely name and so meaningful. Be easy on yourself,Sweetie and rest when he rests. Savor this magical time in your lives because it passes to quickly. Remember that it takes time to "wake up" again with all the lack of sleep~but in time he'll get on his schedule.
We'll all be here thinking of you so don't worry about blogging rigt now. Just post some pics now and again~such a wonderful treat to "meet" your Little Prince.

Kerryanne English said...

Congratulations Adla - you clever girl!!

Omar is absolutely adorable and I just know you will be a wonderful mummy. How lovely to have your extended family here to help you with Omar.

I wish you all a lifetime of happiness and love.

Big hugs and a kiss for your prince,

Sandi McBride said...

Oh he is beautiful Adla! A little Prince indeed...and your joy is just starting! There is so much ahead for you and the family, write everything down, dear...with dates and times, lol! You'll thank me for this bit of info later! Hugs to all

Sarah said...

Congratulations Adla! Omar is just beautiful, I love that you gave him a name with so much meaning.
I wish the 3 of you a lifetime of love, health & happiness.
Cherish the time with him, it will go so fast. I look forward to seeing you all grow as a family.
Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Salam Ya Umm Omar! How have you been??MasyaAllah, Omar is simply gorgeous!! I love looking at his pictures..Alf mabruk Adla :) Take care of yourself ya

Alison Gibbs said...

Adla he is so sweet.
Congratulations on Omar's arrival.
Take time and enjoy him.

Sophie Rose Designs said...

Oh Adla!!! He is beautiful!!! What a gorgeous baby!! Congratulations!!
Please remember to take care of Mom too! Get plenty of rest and take it easy when you can! :)

Donna Layton said...

Oh Adla! Congratulations. He is beautiful:)

Sarah said...

Hi Adla,
Wishing you all the very best for a fantastic New Year, Cheers!
May 2009 be filled with love, laughter & good health.
Sarah xxx

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Omar is beautiful!!! What a head of hair too. He's sooooo sweet.

Congrats to you and enjoy your new family.

All the best!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Awwww....your precious Prince is priceless! You've been busy being a mom!

manila rentals said...

Congratulations to your new healthy little prince..

Kath Soderstrom said...


Your son, Omar is just perfect!
What a sweet boy!

Enjoy every minute with him, they grow up fast...the internet will always be there.
Enjoyed your site! Kath