Sunday, 29 June 2008

It's a...

Time flies, doesn’t it. If Sandi didn’t remind me that it’s been some couple of weeks since my last post, I wouldn’t have woken up from my slumber in la la land , Thank you Sandi , I have much to update about. The story is long as to why I haven’t updated, we have moved in to our new nest, my heart went a thumping a little when the settlement agents to the previous owners had lost the transfer papers somewhere in the mail. You see we bought the house from owners who lived overseas, so transfer papers were signed and being shipped across oceans. Of course it would have been very unlike Adla not to have gone a little panicky at the thought that “Oh no maybe the owners changed their minds and bla bla bla” You know those over reacting pessimistic thoughts girls like me have. After a 2 week delay from actual settlement , we finally got the papers sorted and became proud owners of our humble little abode. Didn’t need to panic after all. So we moved in, things are far from organized at this stage because I wear a t-shirt that reads "I can’t work too hard cause I’m preggers"

to make matters worse, my dear dear hubby had to undergo surgery last week to remove a cyst. He has half of his right arm in a cast so there goes my very handy and only man I’ve been relying on. It’ll be another 6 weeks before he’ll be able to get back into action so for now the house is a shipwreck. Boxes , furniture most things in its wrong place. I try to see the brighter light in it all, that there shouldn’t be a rush to madly organize things around here but come on who am I kidding, my targeted dateline to spruce things around here is a month before the baby arrives, That should be sufficient! Talking about the baby, the pregnancy has been going ok. I do have a little trouble finding the right position sleeping as my body has just ballooned. I went for my fetal anatomy scan and found out the baby's gender. Well Chuga chuga...toot toot...

For those who guessed Boy, you are soooo correct. Well I had that gut feeling from the beginning but because everyone in my family has been having boys lately, secretly we all thought it was going to be a girl! So out with the floral and dancing ballerinas I had in mind . I’m still in love with duck blue and found a little more inspiration from the vintage red school chair above to accent the baby nursery with.So duck blue and red , thats the colour scheme out of the way. I’ve taken this time away from House cleaning to do some baby shopping , there are soo many cute things out there and everytime I wander around the shops I chuckle to myself and whisper not at how cute things are for babies. I don’t see other shoppers doing such, they must really think I'm a bit off! So far I’ve found the quilt that makes me happy, it’s a combination of patterned fabrics and nothing makes me more happy than that. I see spots and ginghams of sorts and have gone crazy shopping for the coordinates.

The next couple of weeks shall see my crafty hands doing some work for the nursery. In the meanwhile I hope everyone is keeping well and I Thank you for coming back and checking on me often. Do excuse my lack of blogging and remember that I wear a t-shirt that reads," I can't work too hard cause I'm preggers!".

Till my next episode,

Much Blogging Love,


LiLi M. said...

Hi Adla!!

So nice to have you around again. Pity that you are so far away, otherwise I could have helped you guys out of trouble, well trouble, I mean unpacking the boxes and so on. I have guessed right!!! Hahaha, I really knew I am a clair voyant! I like your color scheme! Take care and don't worry too much! Hugs LiLi

Sandi McBride said...

Adla darling so glad you are back in Bloggerville and I know you'll be happy with your little pics of the new nest for us nosies now...sorry hubby is out of commision, but you know what big babies they are, he'll probably be malingering longer than six weeks can tell him I said so!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Adla, how exciting a sweet little man is on the way. Your colours for the nursery sound fabulous. Can't wait to see some photos once you get it done.
Hope hubbys arm is soon ready to start sorting out the house for you.
Take care

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Adla,

No wonder you haven't had time to blog......too much happening. Hope hubby's arm heals real quick and he can get back moving those boxes and rearranging furniture so you can do you nesting.

Hooray for little boys...of course I don't have any so I am extra excited that you have a little man arriving soon. Love the colours for the nursery and look forward to seeing what magic you weave with those crafting hands.

Lisa said...

Hi Adla, I can't find your e-mail address but you won one of the pillowcase sets on my blogaversary giveaway.

Congrats! Thanks so much for your support.

E-mail me your mailing address.

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Adla,
I'm sitting here with a big grin on my face! I'm so excited for you both. Please keep us updated and take care, just remember what the Tee Shirt says

Kari & Kijsa said...

SO glad to have you back, sounds like life has been wild!! Hopefully everyone is feeling well today, boxes are majically unpacking themselves, and the charming room is coming together!!

kari & kijsa

Sarah said...

Oh yeah it's a boy!!! I love your choice of bed linen, the room will look amazing. I hope you are keeping well. I loved the slogan on your t-shirt, I wish I'd had had one of those!!!!
Sarah xx

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Ah Adla, a big congrats on the little BOY you are expecting :0)) And enjoy your pregnancy too, if you cant rest then you never can!! Look forward to some photos of you lovely new home too but wont make you work too hard ;0)
Alicia ~ time worn style

Siobhan said...

Congats on the little boy Adla, boys are so sweet and just love their mum so much!
Can not wait to see what you do with the nursery.

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby boy!
what exciting times,

SEO Philippines said...

Congratulations to your blessing.. such a sweet little angel

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