Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Ornament swap with Kerryanne

Some time back I wrote about participating in an ornament swap with Kerryanne from Shabby Art Boutique.Well now that I've swapped my ornament, I can tell you a bit about what I made.I had a great time creating a little mixed media tree for her to tie in with her shabby chic decor, check out her weblog for more on that. Today I received her package and boy was I excited to be opening a package filled with the most beautiful artistic goodies.They were all beautifully wrapped too. Everything creatively designed and handmade by the talented Kerryanne. I have to share pictures of these delightful trinkets with you...

She made me this personalized tag with a picture of myself and attached it to the package,making me feel so special indeed!
Inside the beautifully wrapped package was this beautiful...
Fairy Angel, isn't she a stunner!
Such intricate details, from her pretty hand painted face to her gorgeous lace and organza dress.Not only that, she's also adorned with satin painted gloves,a beaded bracelet, scripted stockings, a flower hairpiece and musical wings.
This little fairy angel has been spreading her wings all over the house, she seems very comfortable twirling under the umbrella and I think the Thumbellina side of her has seen her perched on top of my Orchid pot too. Wherever she's happy, that's where she'll stay !

And it gets better, Kerryanne filled the package with a handful of other trinkets too.
A journal filled with anecdotes of Kerryannes' love for art and creating. I simply love the pages
A decoupaged Artist first aid box filled with such sweet life reminders.
And her ever tempting faux cupcake.Richly frosted with cream. Just perfect!

Thank you so much Kerryanne, I love it all and I shall treasure these pretties and if I ever move , I will always leave enough space for them in my memory box :)

Hope you all enjoyed these snapshots as much as I enjoyed sharing,
Much blogging love,


Lori said...

Adla, your goodies from Kerryanne are wonderful...love that adorable paper doll and the cupcake is very yummy:)

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Wow Adla, how beautiful your treasures from Kerryanne are. You have presented them beautifully on your blog too, a fitting tribute to a creative lady!!
Alicia ~ time worn style

Alison Gibbs said...

Adla, what wonderful treaures you received from Kerryanne.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Hi Adla,
It was an absolute pleasure to partner you in the Handmade Ornament Swap. I'm glad you liked your goodies - the little angel looks very comfortable in your house. I like her perched on the orchid pot.

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the Artists first aid box!
We all need one of those!
Sandra Evertson

Sandi McBride said...

Adla, I love the fairy angel...she could spread her wings in here anyday of the week, at any hour...such treasures you've received! I may have to move to your neck of the woods!

. said...

Love your blog great pictures. Denise

Pineapple Villa said...

You girls are sooooo creative! Everything is just so lovely and i do so enjoy seeing your piccies! Mel xxx

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Hi Adla, I love the swap you made for Kerryanne, simply divine!! The fairy is also wonderful, I am still waiting for my swap parcel, it was such a fun idea. i love your blog and shall be back again soon to visit, ttfn KN Linda Lilly Cottage.

Natasha Burns said...

wonderful goodies you received!!! lucky you!

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