Friday, 14 December 2007

Collecting with a splash of patina...

Driving along Perth roads on the weekend is literally a game of treasure hunting. Your first clue is usually scribbled on a cardboard box with the words garage ,boot or warehouse sale in big bold letters.You are bound not to miss such old school advertising.You then follow the trail of arrows scribbled on more cardboard, scattered around roundabouts and traffic lights (concept probably stolen from Hansel and Gretel) for some hundred meters away.For the organized event coordinator, their signage would have been made to withstand the weather come rain or shine. For the not so organized event coordinator ,well long story won't get to Point X ( the mystery destination). When you arrive at Point X, you'd sincerely hope to be greeted the way Hansel and Gretel were at the house of lollies and yummy treats.Well I've been doing the dance of joy for the couple past weekends as treasured treats were awaiting me at the doorsteps.

The weekend before last on Saturday, I was invited by a friend from the fair to a little gathering at a beautiful federation cottage. She and a few friends had organized a yard like sale with a bit of a twist. No photos to account for this beautiful event, camera went missing on the day..don't ask me how? My description will have to suffice. I have a thing about federation homes or Victorian styled homes as they are better known to some. I have a ritual before I enter such homes which is to clap my hands thrice with excitement. If it's got white picket fences ,standard roses and climbing wisterias on the porch pillars, the insides bound to be magical. I just know it! The interior both architectural and furnishing wise in this particular home was a combination of old and new things splashed with that magical patina. The courtyard was a unique display of vintage Australian metal work with flowers blooming all over. What I thought was differently clever was the main feature of the courtyard, a vintage claw foot bathtub filled with colourful petunias. There were ofcourse alot of crafts and treasured knick knacks displayed around the house but I was more intrigued by the house that nothing else was of much interest to me.Thanks Kathy for such a delightful afternoon.

The Sunday of that same weekend,the hubby and I had gone out for lunch and I had promised myself to ignore those garage sale signs shouting at me along the way. The ignoring lasted some five minutes before my scanning eyes got distracted by a sign that read " Gifts for Sale! ". As tempting as it sounded, I kept my thoughts to myself. Unknowingly the hubby who is able to read my mind now is driving in the direction of the arrows, leading to this mysterious place. Isn't he the sweetest? So we drove to this place which was actually a huge warehouse. As I see people leave the warehouse with trolleys filled to the brim , I knew right then I was in for some great bargains. I was glad that I got these stone urns and vases . I think the vase looks beautiful with moss.I got some other great things too which I will be showcasing in the shop soon. The vase is priced at $20 and the urns are $18 each.I think both are great decor pieces for inside or outside the home. Well that does it for now. Till next time,

Much blogging love,


Sandi McBride said...

Never mind the white picket fences and flowers around the door, Perth...that name is magical to's a place I hope to see one day!

kari and kijsa said...

Oooh- what we would give to be carrying trolleys of goodies like these at those prices! What a fabulous day!

kari & kijsa

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

We dont get so many garage sales up here on the moutain but I found a beauty the other day on the flat lands, have a peek at my blog!
alicia ~ time worn style

Pineapple Villa said...

Hi Adla - love the new look of your blog - i usually pass on the garage sales as i never seem to find anything but maybe that will be my new years resolution to pull over and hope i find goodies! Mel xx

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

There is no doubt about you Adla - you know how to sniff out a bargain. Well done girl!!!
You have hubby well trained too, but I suppose someone has to carry the purchases.

Natasha Burns said...

You do know how to find good stuff!!! Love that hubby knew where you wanted to go! said...

Those are beautiful and you are lucky to have a husband who would detour towards a sale for you!!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

I love the Hansel and Gretel description of the sale signs. I'll forever have that vision in my head now. I have had nightmares of following signs into danger and have actually had experiences where I wondered if I'd followed signs into danger. LOL

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Now those are posivitely beautiful! As a yardsale junkie, I would have been following those signs precisely to the end. Great finds!


Sandi McBride said...

Hi Adla, just checking in to see if you are okay, how the shop is going, etc...don't forget your pals out here...we're missing you!

Adla said...

Thank you girls for your lovely comments. The hubby is well trained indeed ! :) Hahaha The week has been a bit hectic for me...emergency bathroom renovations going on at home and so I've been grounded to the noise of drilling and the smell of sealant and all of that. Shall be out and about to visit you all in no time ...Chat soon
Hugs, Adla

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