Friday, 26 October 2007

Friday Flea Find on a Saturday and Doyley Talk

Welcome back Friday on a Saturday.I have been caught up preparing for the fairs that my Friday flea adventures have not produced much excitement for me lately.A good weekend for me is when I hop from one flea market to another with a few extra garage sale surprises. I did however manage a quick u turn this week on the way to the supermarket when I saw a sign for a garage sale.It turned out to be a deceased estate sale that spared me some vintage goodies.The rest of my weekend was spent entertaining guests at home. Another favourite pastime. I love having people over , here's where I insert my relationship with baking, love baking for others. I hate the idea of being a Robinson Crusoe, I do appreciate having a bit of alone time but that's just for a bit. When I'm done with that I like having company around and the kitchen sees the best of me the moment the phone or the door bell rings. The one thing that never runs out in my kitchen is doyley paper. Doyley paper to me is an entertaining must have. I'm a doyley addict who believes that whatever comes out of the oven has to be served on a platter laced with doyley first.If it's not ,I go Crazeee, old school as it sounds thats the reason I hate interference in the kitchen! My sister says my children ( not that I have any yet) are going to have the weirdest mother on the street (who talks doyleys these days) haha I laugh hysterically every time I hear her say that.Well I was browsing through the Martha Stewart website and we are on the same boat, she still loves her doyleys or doileys as they are known in America (the topic of spelling shall be discussed in another post). She loves it so much that she's compiled some interesting craft ideas for the doyley lover :) I leave you with pictures of this weeks Friday Flea finds.Have a wonderful weekend all!
Much doyley love,

Italian pudding bowl set with the sweetest pink and yellow rosesA pretty meakin bowl with gold edging
Love the detailed rose inside this winston cup.
Bell shaped salt shaker , great for glitter dust.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adla, that sounds like a perfect weekend to us as well, friends over, busy in the kitchen laughs and great company! You did find some beautiful things! Love the Italian pudding bowl, so sweet! Have a great Sunday! jenn and Jacqui

Anonymous said...

Hi Adla!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
It looks like you found some yummy treasures! I love that salt shaker! Soooo pretty!

Enjoy your weekend!

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Adla,
Wow you scored some fab stuff, I love your china and the pudding bowl set!

Siobhan said...

Hi Adla,
I love all your new are so lucky!


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

I'm with you Adla - bring back the doilies. My mother always told me that ladies serve their cakes on doilies (yes, she is old fashioned). I grew up with doilies under cakes and on sandwich plates and it must have rubbed off because I always consider a cake without a doily is 'undressed cake'.

renee anne said...

oh i just love all these vintage items!!

Sandi McBride said...

I love the bowls...the old china patterns are so lovely. The salt shaker is great. I can remember my Aunt Edith and Aunt Florence used to tat doilies. I have one each of theirs. They are precious to me

Adla said...

Thank you for your beautiful comments ladies.

Joy said...

Wow, could just get lost in your blog with all your beautiful items!!

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