Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Not technologically savvy but learning

Joining the world of business on the web, is proving to be quite an interesting learning experience.I have never been 'technologically savvy ' before this and have always preferred the traditional method of trading. I have participated in many Craft fairs and festivals here and take a lot of pride in putting my things together in a so called pretty manner. Which really in my books ,is something I can do with my eyes closed as it is second nature to me. Those of you who know me well , can vow that I truly enjoy decorating more than anything else. However, attempting to decorate my online shop , has proven to be a different ball game altogether.It has taken me long hours,face smacked into the computer screen perfecting layouts and resizing photographs trying to achieve 'THE LOOK'.I take forever and ever and ever doing these things which the not so good part has resulted in me getting back aches, froggy eyes and a whole lot of 'too much time spent on the computer' syndrome. Kudos to all those computer experts(my husband included) who created all these widgets and programs to make my life a tit bit easier on the web.If not for them,I'd probably steer clear .Well as the saying goes practice makes perfect and I have faith that one day, one fine day this will all be a no biggie and I can do it with my eyes closed. Till then, wish me luck!

Learning the "tricks of the trade" on the web,