Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Come fly with me...

Five blue birds sitting in a tree,
The first bird said, "Look what I see."
The second bird said, "Look what I see."
The third bird said, "Their feathers are so fine.
" The fourth bird said, "Quick, let's fly away!"
The fifth bird said, "No, let's all stay."

Then a black bird said, "Let's win!"
Join us, and we'll be ten."
Well, all the birds flew together
In all kinds of weather.
Through the blue sky,
All ten would fly.
Till one bright Spring day,
The blue birds in the tree did stay.
The black birds kept flying in line,
Leaving their new friends to pine.
Once again they were five and five!

Vintage Delights could not leave out the birdies this Spring. They've flown in and nested on some of our creations and are happy to stay. Tweet to our shop to check out our birdie embellishments. You could perch a little one on a hat or place one out in the garden between your blooms. Whichever way you like it ,these birds are sure to sparkle any craft project.